Quality in affordable Supplements

We believe that quality is the first Step!

The quality of our products is extremely important to us, All our products comply at least with the laws and regulations applicable in the Netherlands. In addition, our suppliers have at minimum a GSFI recognized certification, such as BRC Food version 7, IFS Food version 6 and/or FSSC 22000 version 4 or GMP. BHS Nutrition B.V. works according to the requirements of FSSC/ISO 22000.

For each product we have at least a product specification and analysis certificate available. We regularly check our suppliers by independent analysis to guarantee the quality of our products.

Besides food safety, we also consider the entire quality of the product important. The customer must be able to trust that the products received will always comply to all requirements in terms of colour, size, smell and taste.

Our company has extensive experience in legislation, regulations and quality processes. We are willing to help our customers with all issues and providing text and ideas for labels.

Products are organoleptically tested upon entry into our warehouse. We keep a sample of every received batch.

On demand, we can share our test results with you or have an extra test carried out on your request.